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Contact Type Temperature Measurement

Thermocouples & RTDs

  1. Holding tubes made of SS 304/SS 316 of 32mm, 25mm, 20mm diameter are used to hold ceramic sheath with head.
  2. Steatite Ceramic terminal block with nickel plated terminals.
  3. Widely used in Glass, Ceramic, Steel, Power Plants and Petrochemical Industries. Specially Designed Low Temperature Sensors.
  4. Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) type (PT-10, PT-50, PT-100, PT-200, PT-1000 & CU-53) to measure temperature from -400°C to 600°C. Available with class: A, B & sp. tolerance thing film or wire wound ceramic coated bulb.
  5. Simplex type in 2 wires, 3 wires. Duplex type in 4 wires, 6 wire system.
  6. Thermocouple type ‘T’ (copper-constantans) for temperature up to 4000C.
  7. Thermocouple type ‘J’ (iron-constantans or Fe-K) for temperature up to 8000C.
  8. Thermocouple type ‘K’ (cromel alumel or Cr.Al of or temperature up to 1000°C/1200°C maximum.
  9. All sensors available in metallic protection sheath & Thermo well made of SS 304, SS 316, SS310, HRS 446, inconel 600/800 with insulation by ceramic beads and hand-filled mgo.
  10. MI (Mineral Insulated) protection sheath in SS 316, SS 310, inconel 600 are used in special application.
  11. We also provide head mounted transmitters, exploration & flame proof head and various adjustable or fixed connections with the sensors.

BiMetal Temperature Gauges

Bimetal Temperature gauges are economical, rugged, reliable, temperature measuring instruments. The bimetal helix is properly heated, coated with viscous silicon to minimize pointer oscillation and improve temperature transmission. Available in sizes of 63 mm. 100 mm, 150 mm. We can provide Straight, Stepped, Tapered & Flanged type gauges.

Handheld Digital Temperature Meters

Digital Temperature Indicators, Controllers, Scanners & Recorders

  1. Widest range of singles / multi channel linear temperature indicators with/’without micro controller & flame proof enclose in 0.35” to 5” jumbo display size.
  2. Digital on/off, propositional, PID type temperature controllers with single/double set point having various outputs like 5 Amp 230 V AC relay, 0-5 DC or 4-20 mA.
  3. Along with circular chart/strip chart recorders, color or monochrome paperless recorders are also available. It offers real-time display of data (up to 32 channels) on LCD display and data storage capacity up to 32 M byte on flash memory. Alarm output, channel bar graph, historical trend, channel configuration, RS232/485 interface are other features.



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