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Non Contact Type Temperature Measurement


Maintenance professionals monitor motor malfunctions, process lines, research heating & ventilation problems , measure temperature of connections inside an open electrical panel, monitor electrical motor performance safely & easily with the help of non contact type handheld Infrared Thermometers. Measurement with high optical resolution, laser sighting, wide temperature range, adjustable emissivity, speed, power data logging are some of the features desired.

Handheld Non Contact Temperature Meters

Online Non Contact Temperature sensors

We offer a variety of online sensors with specific temperature measurement features. Single wavelength infrared temperature sensors need a clear line of sight between the instrument and the target. Sighting optics allow the user to aim the sensor on the target. Some instruments have a built-in laser that pinpoints the target, which is especially helpful with small targets or in dark or inaccessible areas.

A two-color or ratio instrument is most effective when the target is very small, or is moving in and out of the field of view. A fiber optic unit, where the cable can snake around obstructions, is best if a direct line of sight between the instrument and the target is otherwise impossible.



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