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Splicing And Repair Materials

Hot Spicing Kits

Conveyor Belt Splices are the weakest point in a belt. Hot Splicing of conveyor Belts provide jointing solutions that last the life of the conveyor belt.

The strength of a splice depends on various factor including, the quality of the rubber materials used, the vulcanizing press and the quality of workmanship.

Our Splicing kits are manufactured for all specifications of cover grades and tensile strengths.

Splicing Kits for Fabric Conveyor Belts

Rubber Cover - The uncured rubber is available in most cover grades (OR, FR, CR, HR, SHR & UHR).
Skim Rubber – Provide superior bonding between the fabric plies and the cover rubber.
Hot Vulcanizing Solution
Clean Solution
Silicon Release Paper

Splicing kits for Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

Kit Consist Of:
Top & Bottom Cover Slabs - Slabs include Cover rubber and bonder rubber for all Cover grades
(OR, FR, CR, HR, SHR & UHR).
Intercord Strips – These are manufactured to steel cord spacing and cord diameter.
Hot vulcanizing solutions
Cleaning Solutions
Silicone Release Paper

Cold Adhesives

Applications included Conveyor Belt Splices and Pulley lagging. Belt Pro CX-100 Provides excellent yielding and final bonding strengths with an ideal curing time of 6 Hours.

Vulcanizing press

BeltPro Vulcanizing Press offer quality equipment designed for trouble free operations in the harshest conditions. Our Presses are easy to set-up and operate.

Both Hydraulic and pressure Bag Pressure across across the entire splice area, with heating up to 360F (180C) and Splices pressure up to 200 psi(14 kg/cm2). Our Presses are designated to be used stand-alone or in combinations with other BeltPro presses.

PU - HX Conveyor Belt Repair System

BeltPro‘s PU-HX System Consists of Part A- 350 gms , Part B- 100 gms , leaning Solution- 40 gms Powder- 2g

To Repair Conveyor Belt longitudinal Rips, Holes and surface damages
To Repair rubber rollers, cans and other rubber products.

Product Specification(after curing)
Hardness 65 shore A
Tensile Strength > 5.5 Mpa
Peel Strength canvas belt > 5 KN/m, Rubber Belt > 6 KN/m
Elongation at Break > 400 %
Shift Life 12 Months

Pulley Lagging

Bonding LayersFor Better adhesion, BeltPro Strip Lagging with Bonding Layers are recommended. When used along with BeltPro Cold Adhesive, bonding between lagging sheets and the metal surface are increased significantly.

Bonding Layers can be supplied with all strip lagging Grades.

Ceramic Strip Lagging

When Superior traction is required, Strip Lagging with Ceramic chips are recommended. Ceramic chips increase grip and are ideal for wet and slippery conditions.



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