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Flue Gas Analyzer

Flue Gas Analyzer

The Uses of Flue Gas Analyzer is as below:

  1. For Checking Boiler Efficiency
  2. For Checking false air leakage in the system.
  3. Measures Oxygen (O2), Carbon Mono Oxide (CO)
  4. Measures SOx, NOx, CO2, Hydro Carbons, etc...
  5. Measures Flue Gas Temperature & Draft
  6. Rugged instruments for dusty environment & rough handling.
  7. High capacity pumps for sampling at high suction areas.
  8. USA EPA approved / MARPOL Annex VI complaint.
  9. Used for checking Pollutant contents in Boilers, Diesel Engines, Marine Engines, Locomotives, Firnaces, etc.

Testo 330 Series

Testo 330-1 LL

Exhaust gas analyzer with Long life sensors. Testo 330-1 LL flue gas analyzer with long-life gas sensors, rechargeable battery and calibration protocol included.

Testo 330-2 LL

Exhaust gas analyzer with Long life sensors and integrated draught/gas zeroing. testo 330-2 LL flue gas analyzer with long-life gas sensors and built-in draught and gas zeroing, rech. batt. and calibration protocol included.


Testo 340 Series

The four gas analyzer equipped with O2 sensor as a standard. Can measure up to four gases at the same time. We can choose from NO2, CO Low, CO, NO, NO Low & SO2.


Testo 350 Series

Testo 350 flue gas analyzer box testo 350 XL analyzer box, equipped with O2, CO (with switch-off and rinse function), NO, NO2, differential pressure measurement, 2 temperature probe sockets, gas preparation, Testo data bus adapter, automatic fresh air rinse with valve (including measurement range extension with dilution factor 5 for all sensors), built-in rechargeable battery, data memory, can be upgraded to max. 6 gas sensors (with H2S, HC, SO2, CO2 NDIR)


Kane 905

The Kane 900 Plus handheld multi-gas emissions analyzer is easy to use for domestic and industrial boiler flue gas measurement and analysis. The Kane 900 Plus measures O2, flue and nett temperature and calculates CO2, boiler efficiency, excess air and losses. CO is measured with a hydrogen compensated sensor for increased accuracy. It also measures CO and calculates CO/CO2 ratio - 'The Poison Index' - to give complete readings for effective boiler analysis and safety. The Kane 900 Plus measures NO and calculates NOx. Optionally, it can also measure either NO2 or SO2 and can be fitted with CO and NO sensors with different measuring ranges



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