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Sonic Horns

Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems

Generates low frequency high energy sound waves using compressed air for effective online cleaning of equipment surface at temperature up to 800°C.

Filter Bags

Nirafon Cleaning Sound Device ( NCSD )

Create much higher sound pressure peaks by combustion of mixture of air & gas, capable of cleaning high temperature area upto 1400°C which are beyond the range of traditional acoustic cleaning system.

Filter Bags

Horn Models

Filter Bags

Deposition of soot, ash, dust and other particulate matters on the surfaces of industrial equipment causes loss of equipment efficiency on one hand and gives rise of operational and maintenance cost problem on other. Traditional method of cleaning such as soot blowing, mechanical rapping, poking, hammering etc. Have proven to be inadequately effective as well as expensive, sometimes even causing damage to the equipment being cleaned.

Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning System have provided coat effective solutions to these problems by the way of their effectiveness in removing particulate matters from equipment surface gently- without causing any damage; low capital, operating and maintenance cost and a high degree of operational flexibility, thereby leading to substantial cost saving.

The patented NSCD with their ability to effectively clean high temperature areas (up to 1400°C) of equipment such as boilers add a new dimension to ACOUSTIC CLEANING which has been made possible by extensive research, development and successful filed tests.

Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning System (Air operated)

Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning System utilise the energy in the low frequency sound waves (100-250Hz) generated by a pneumatic operated Acoustic horn. This energy resonates and dislodges dust, soot, and other particulate matters which tends to deposit on surface on industrial equipment. The ability of sound waves move in three dimensional space, even into the nooks and crannies , makes it possible to acoustic cleaners to reach and clean all inaccessible places and even surfaces that are hidden around corners, which otherwise cannot be cleaned during conventional methods.

Nirafon Acoustic cleaning System generates sound pressure levels of more than 150db by the pneumatic activation of a specially designed Diaphragm housed inside the generator of acoustic horns. These pressure peaks are generated in controlled bands of frequencies found to be most effectives in breaking bonds between the particles of deposits and the equipment’s surfaces as well as between the particles themselves , leading to their dislodgement.

Our present range of Acoustic cleaning system can work effectively up to application temperature of 800°C for which suitable material of construction (Cast Steel/Stainless Steel) is selected.

Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning System (NACS) requires a compressed air pressure of 5-6 kg/cm² (g) for their operation. Each acoustic horns consumes compressed air @ approx. 25 litres/sec during sounding time only and @1-2 litres/sec cooling and rinsing air to keep the diaphragm cool and dust free at all time.

Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning System (NACS) come with a high degree of operational flexibility suited to the requirement of the application \. The sounding cycle parameters can be set individually to optimise the cleaning effect.

The sound time foundation shows that the Acoustic pressure peak (in Pascals) of the Nirafon Waves in many times greater than that of a sine Wave and a square wave of the same frequency and having the same amount of energy. This large pressure peak, characteristic of Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning system is instrumental in dislodging the deposits.

The Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning System as well as the Nirafon Gas Pulse Cleaners offer several distinct advantages as a superior and cost effective alternative to conventional cleaning system.

Cleaning is possible in inaccessible places!
Unlike Conventional Cleaning Methods Which Provided localised cleaning systems use sound waves which travel in three dimensional space to reach even inaccessible places for effective cleaning.

Maintains plant efficiency at a high level!
Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Continuously removes soot, ash and particulate matter deposits from surfaces, thus preventing formation of built up s, there by maintaining heat transfer efficiency in boilers, pressure drops in bag filters, vibration levels in fans etc. At desired level.

Cleaning without interrupting Plant process/production!
Nirafon acoustic cleaning system is totally independent which does not require stoppage or interruption of production. Being an on-line process, it significantly reduces or even eliminates down time and increases equipment availability. At the same times, Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning System can be used during plant shutdowns to minimise requirement of manual cleaning.

Automatic operation!
Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems are fully automatic as the operation is controlled by means of an Electrical control unit/PLC with setting made as per requirements of the application. Once the system is switched on, no manual intervention is required for the operation.

Cleaning Without Damaging!
Conventional Cleaning methods such as steam soot blowing in boilers are known to cause erosion to the heating surfaces leading to their premature failure. Similarity, manual hammering of walls causes damage to hopper, bins and cyclones while excessive use of compressed air pulses in bag filters causes high mechanical fatigue to the fabric leading to premature failure of filter bags. The Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning system perform the cleaning operation gently without causing damage, thereby enhancing the life of the mother equipment.

Lower initial capital investment!
When compare with traditional alternatives such as steam soot blowers for keeping the heating surfaces of boiler clean , the Nirafon acoustic cleaning system as well as the gas pulse cleaning system offer an extremely cost effective solution from the view point of capital cost.

Lower operating costs!
Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems require compressed air for their operation leading to much lower operating costs compared to traditional cleaning system such as steam soot blowers which consume substantial quantities of steam having significant cost implications. Also power consumption by Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems is minimal compared to conventional cleaning method.

Lower Service & maintenance cost!
Having a minimal moving parts, Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems require negligible maintenance, service and spare part costs.

Lesser space requirement!
Nirafon Acoustic cleaning system compact and occupy much less space compared to conventional cleaning devices such as long retractable soot blowers .This adds further to the cost effectiveness of the Nirafon system.

Application Areas

Boilers, Economisers and Air pre-heaters
Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems keep heat transfer surface clean in boilers using a variety of fuels. The main advantages are on line cleaning with flexible operating time, low operation time and maintenance cost, low capital cost and space requirement, no adverse on heating surfaces and structures. Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems are an effective replacement of steam soot blowers in many applications. The Nirafon gas pulse cleaners provided effective cleaning system for high temperature zones(800°C-1400°C) OF Boilers such as the superheaters, water walls etc.

Bag Filters
Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning System Serve as an effective supplement to existing pulse jet and reverse air mechanisms for proper bag cleaning. This gentle cleaning bag method reduces pressure drops, prolong bag life by minimising mechanical stress and strain of them and also helps in reduce compressed air/ inert gas consumed by conventional cleaning methods. Acoustic Cleaning is also highly effective in solving flow problems in hopper and is the ideal cleaning method for glass bags.

Filter Bags Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems find effective use in industrial Fans/blowers having material deposition on impellers, leading to unbalance and high vibration level. Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems provide on line uniform cleaning, restrict vibration levels with acceptable limit thus prolonging bearing life, reduce frequency of shutdown and down time for manual cleaning and improve fan availability.

Electrostatic precipitator
Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems are used cleaning of gas distribution screens, collecting plates and discharge electrodes, supplementing existing rapping systems, Nirafon Acoustic cleaning system ensure uniform gas flow and maintain consistency in ESP performance , reduce frequency of mechanical rapping and thus minimise electrode damage and misalignment .Use Nirafon Acoustic cleaning systems also eliminate hopper build up and field grounding problems.

Heat Exchanger and Forced draft coolers
Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems keep tube surfaces of heat exchangers and forced draft cooler clean, thus maintain high level of heat transfer and reduce pressure drops. Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems reduce the need of cleaning shutdown and downtime thus improving equipment availability.

Filter Bags Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems provide an effective solution to material flow problems such as side wall build up, ratholing, and bridging/arching in hoppers/bins/silos handling of variety of materials. Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems reduce the need for manual cleaning, improve availability and eliminates structural damages due to vibrators, manual hammering, poking etc.

Spray Dryers and Cyclones
Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems find effective application in spray Dryers and cyclones for dislodging / preventing material built up on vertical wall and conical portions, eliminating need of manual cleaning thus improving equipment availability.



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