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Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans

We supply industrial fans & blowers for various industrial applications in the areas of power, steel, cement, paper, chemical, petro-chemical, fertilizer, mining& other industries. The products are based on sound design, In-House R & D, excellent manufacturing facility, strict quality control & dedicated after sales & service.

Product and Service

  1. Centrifugal fans
  2. Axial flow fans
  3. Dampers(IGV/MLD/Butterfly/ Guillotine type)
  4. Retrofit of fans with better design & Higher efficiency
  5. Condition monitoring of installed fans

    (Trouble shooting, field measurement, Preventive maintenance)
  6. Spares ( 1:1 replacement )

Product Range

Duty parameters
Volumetric flow m3/ hr
Pressure in mm wg
Temperature in ̊C

Duty parameters
up to 15,00,000
up to 3000
up tp 600

Duty parameters
up to 12,00,000
up to 500
up to 100

Centrifugal Fan

Product Range

  1. Forward curved bladedsuitable for ventilation
  2. Straight radial bladesuitable for heavy dust load with built-up tendency
  3. Backward curved bladedsuitable for clean & low dust application load
  4. Backward inclined bladedsuitable for dusty application with build-up tendency
  5. Backward aerofoil bladedsuitable for clean air/gas application

Fan Control

Dumper Control

  1. Butterfly type - Simple but energy consuming
  2. Inlet Guide van (IGV) - suitable for finer and efficient control
  3. Multilouver type - suitable for fixing on inlet box, suitable for dusty gas

Speed Control
V belt drive / Drive through Fluid coupling / Drive through variable frequency Drive system

Product Features
High Efficiency, Design flexibility, Superior life, High quality

Data required to Fan Design

  1. Volumetric flow rate
  2. Static pressure
  3. Gas/air temperature
  4. Bar pressure
  5. Dust area
  6. Dust load
  7. Adiabatic co –efficient
  8. Relativity Humidity & dry bulb temperature
  9. Speed restriction of fan
  10. Preferred fan support Arrangement
  11. Corrosion / Wear protection required or not



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