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Dust Supression

Dust Supression

Agglomerative Dust Suppression™ system is a compressed air driven fog based system ideal for bulk material handling plants which are moisture sensitive and require control of sub-micron dust particles.

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The ADS system is another unique method to tackle fugitive dust emission at the source itself. Instead of using a chemical, plain water is mixed with compressed air in a ratio through our highly efficient acoustic nozzles which produces millions of miniscule water droplets (0 to 30 microns in size) in the form of a DENSE DRY FOG, Which when kept entrapped within an enclosure at a dust generating transfer point, can efficiently contain and control even fine dust particulate of PM 10 size.

The system is ideal in situations where control of fine dust is required; where moisture and/or chemical addition is not allowed and where localized dust control is desired. Often, the ADS System can be a retrofit for a bag filter system!

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The basic principle if ADS™ System is generation of like size water droplets and its collision with dust particles causing agglomeration with other dust particles and its growth in size and mass. Finally, the mass becomes large and heavy enough to settle back onto the source material where they are carried through the process without any special handling. This entrapment phenomenon of the dust particle is accomplished by an economical, practical and patented enclosure design typically for the belt conveyor transfer points with the help of baffles creating multiple highly effective fine particulate scrubbing chambers within the enclosure for effective suppression. Among the three key factors of dust suppression only confinement and Precipitation concept is applicable for ADS™ Systems resulting in drastically low moisture addition of approximately 0.1% to the material handled.

While other Dry Fog Systems may outwardly appear the same, what distinguishes our ADS System from the pack is the low compressed air consumption and the unique nozzle installation "holster" method, which facilitates online fog inspection, fog adjustment as well as nozzle cleaning and replacement if necessary, without which the system is impossible to maintain at a consistent level of efficiency.

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The performance of the spray bar mounted nozzles fitted inside the enclosure used by other manufacturers are impossible to be seen in operation by the plant user, which is like driving blindfolded. This singular factor makes a massive difference in enabling our system to sustain its performance over a period of time.



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