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Filter Bags

Filter Bags for All Bag House Design

Filter Bags

We offer complete range of filter bags made using different kinds of filter media for all designs namelypulse jet and reverse bag houses. Bag housing operating at ambient temperature to the high temperature, normal to corrosive environment , We work with our customers to engineer a felted or woven filter media best suited for the application.

Filter Bags for Hot gas Filtration

Filter Bags

We have come across the customers who dreaded the high temperature filtration units due to faster rate of failure of high cost of filter bags. Our experience shows that if properly selected, fabricated and operated the filter bags in hot gas filtration units can give better bag life. But filter media selection along with sewing thread and construction is the key and one must depend on the experienced hands only. We supply filter bags, suitable to take rigors of the hot gas filtration and corrosive environments.

Glass Bag for RABH

We supply filter bag using filter media from best manufacturer of glass fibre filtration of fabrics in the world, for various application. Our bags are performing beyond customer expectation in chemical, cement, steel, utility boilers, carbon black and ferrous alloy in industries for last several years.

We use different finishes to enhance life and performance of filtration media. Selecting the right finish ensures fabric performance and durability.

It is a known fact that the key to optimum performance of the filter bag in lie in the application of the chemical finish to the fibre glass fabric prior to the fabrication of filter bag. Without a protective coating, the glass filament in filtration fabrics is broken through abrasion caused by dust particles or chemical attacks from the gas stream cage contact.

We also supply filter bags with the following fabrics:
Polyester fabric suitable for 1500 C
Polypropylene Fabric suitable for 1000 C
Nomex (Aramid) Fabric suitable for 2200 C
Rayton Fabric suitable for 2000 C (most suitable for boiler application)

Filter Bags

Surface Finishes

Filters bags are available with application specific finishes like:

  1. Antistatic treatment
  2. Water / liquid repellent finish
  3. Acid resistance finish
  4. PTFE Coating

D Cap, Clamp, J Hook, springs for RABH

We have improved J Hook & Spring Assemble which outperforms OE Design. The assemblies are available in GI, MS, & SS Materials of construction depending up on the applications.

PTFE Membrane Lamination

When an expanded PTFE membrane is laminated on a substrate the filtration is done by the membrane and the felt renders only mechanical strength and phenomenon is known as “Surface filtration”. Laminated felts have exceptional dust cake release, better chemical and thermal resistance, allows higher airflow and reduced pressure loss and can achieve near zero emission exceeding the strictest of the emission norms and complete product recovery.



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