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Humidity Stick

The thermal hygrometer from Testo is particularly versatile and convenient to use thanks to its joint. The display can be rotated into different positions, allowing optimum read-out of the measurement values. The long-term stable sensor guarantees correct measurement results even after years. The small, compact instrument measures air humidity and air temperature and additionally calculates the dew point temperature.


Table / Wall mounted Hygrometer

The low-budget hygrometer from Testo continuously measures humidity, temperature and dew point. The large display is easily legible even at a distance; the suspension and standing fixtures allow flexible positioning on a table or the wall. Thanks to the long-term stable sensor, you can rely on correct measurement results even after years.


Laboratory Hygrometer

Especially in laboratories, the Testo 622 is suitable for monitoring ambient conditions during calibrations or when setting up experiments. In addition to temperature and humidity, the instrument also measures pressure, making it ideal for indoor climate monitoring.


Handheld Thermo Hygrometer

The Testo 625 is a compact instrument with an integrated humidity probe head for the measurement of air humidity and temperature. The large two-line display quickly and reliably shows humidity, Wet Bulb temperature or dew point, as well as temperature. For measurements in difficult-to-access places, the humidity probe head can simply be removed and plugged onto the handle with a probe cable (accessory); alternatively, the measurement values can be transferred wirelessly from the probe to the measuring instrument over large distances.


Temperature & Humidity Data loggers

A high level of user-friendliness and absolute security characterize the new generation of Testo data loggers. With the current range of a total of 13 data loggers, Testo offers the right solution for various applications. All data loggers from the series 175 and 176 have a USB and an SD card interface, taking readout of the data fast and easy.


Humidity Transmitters

Testo has been the first choice when it comes to high-quality measurement transmitters for drying processes and critical climate. On the basis of our years of experience, the sensor and signal processing concept has been completely reworked. Whether high humidity, corrosive media or constant clean room conditions: the Testo humidity measurement transmitters offer optimum accuracy and long-term stability.


Data Monitoring System

Testo Saveris is ideally suited for documentation of temperature or humidity data in production, quality assurance and R&D as well as in buildings, Monitoring the storage climate of temperature and humidity sensitive products, e.g. valuable inventory, medicines and foodstuffs, the foodstuff cooling chain, etc.
Long-term memory provides safety and independence from the PC. Alarm even without running PC via LED, via relay output, via SMS. Radio probe and Ethernet probe can be combined in one system


Dew Point Measurement

The International Standard ISO 8573 defines seven classes of compressed air quality and lays down the humidity, the oil content, the particle content etc. which the compressed air is allowed to have. The main way of ensuring compliance with a quality class involves installing a suitable drier, its monitoring and, where appropriate, its control is handled by the Testo dew point transmitters.



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