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Cooking Oil Tester

The cooking oil has been frequently used. Longer use is bad for the quality of the product and can lead to complaints from the customer. The most important part of the testo 265 cooking oil tester is Testo's new capacitive oil sensor. Using this sensor, measurements are carried out directly in the hot cooking oil which means that control measurements can be quickly carried out while work in the kitchen is in progress. Several deep-fat fryers can be tested back-to-back without the sensor having to cool down. Maximum use of the cooking oil is made possible. The oil is only changed if the limit value is reached (LED display lights up).

Ultrasonic Flow Level Meters

Advanced Clamp-on Transit-time Technology for Accurate Flow Measurement

Features and Benefits:
  • High accuracy measurement
  • Non- intrusive. Clamp-on installation. Easy and fast
  • No moving parts . Maintenance free
  • Light weight , compact design
  • Suitable for all commonly used pipe materials and liquids
  • Suitable for pipes from 3/4” ~ 240” (DN20~DN6000mm)
  • Rechargeable battery for 10 hours of operation
  • Built - in data logger and flow totalizer
  • Self -explanatory user interface. Easy to operate
  • StufManager TM PC software for data download and real - time data acquisition
  • Signal quality tracking and self - adaptation for robust performance
  • USB inter face for PC l ink

Humidity in Compressed air

The international standard ISO 8573 defines seven classes of compressed air quality and lays down the humidity, the oil content, the particle content etc. which the compressed air is allowed to have. The main way of ensuring compliance with a quality class involves installing a suitable drier, its monitoring and, where appropriate, its control is handled by the Testo dew point transmitters.

Compressed Air Flow meters

Why does industry need compressed air meters?

In every company, full transparency is available for resources such as electricity, water or also gas: main meters reflect amounts used; sub-meters indicate how consumption is distributed. By contrast, the resource, compressed air, is treated and distributed internally without any information about quantities and in which areas it is consumed. Without this information, there is no motivation to eliminate leakage or reduce consumption. Compressed air meters also provide you with the option of continuous leak detection which account for 35% of all compressed air consumption.