Conveyor Care Products

In transferring bulk materials cost effectively through a belt conveyor, it is important to ensure that each component is designed to give optimal performance.

Belt Lifter :

Lifting a tensioned conveyor belt out of the way to do maintenance work is a difficult job. It can be time-consuming and dangerous. The Flex-Lifter™ makes the job SAFER & EASIER . It takes on the toughest jobs, like lifting a belt even when it is tensioned up to the stated ratings. The Flex-Lifter has the highest safe lift rating available at 4000 lb (1800 kg) for the Medium and Large models, and 6000 lb (2700 kg) for the XL model. This tool is versatile. Adjustable wings make it easy to lift troughed or flat topside belts. Also, a Return Lift Bar is included with the Medium and Large models to quickly adapt them for use on return side belts.

Belt Clamps :

Avoid the problems and potential dangers associated with homemade devices such as c-clamps, lumber and chains. Belt Clamps are specially designed to properly secure a belt and clamp it for safe belt conveyor maintenance.

The unique design of the Belt Clamp provides even tensioning across the entire belt width for a secure grip. It also accommodates a variety of belt widths. So the need to inventory different clamp bars for different belt widths is eliminated. Clamping scissors slide easily into place against both belt edges for easy adjustability. And clamp-bar pins simplify alignment and positioning.

Staple Fastner System :

The Flexco fastener features a low profile that significantly reduces the fastener’s exposure to cleaner blades, skirt rubber, and return idlers. Reduced wear and tear on the fastener extends the life of the splice to maximize belt availability and to help keep productivity on a roll.