Food one of the most important part of Human life cycle, but the most harmful!!
If the quality of the food is not checked and controlled food can cause the biggest hazard and affect large no of people at one time. Hence food quality has to be maintained during its entire cycle of Storage , Distribution and Preparation . We offer vide range of instruments to ensure FRESHNESS of the food.

Food Storage :

Humidity Measurement, Temperature Measurement, Ambient Air Control : Air Velocity & Gas Monitoring , Thermal Imagers to confirm no leakage in the cold storages.

Humidity Transmitters Temperature Indicaters & Controllers RTDs & Thermocouples

Fast Response Humidity Meter Infrared Thermometer Portable CO2 Meter

Air Velocity Meter Ambient Temperature &
Infrared Thermometer
Thermal Imagers

Online CO2 Gas Transmitter

Food Distribution

Temperature & Humidity Loggers Humidity Meter

Food Production & inspection :

Temperature measurement & cooking oil tester, Ambient Gas monitoring for monitoring cooking gas storage area.

Coocking Oil Tester Fast response Food Temperature Meter
Online Gas Monitors & Alarams