Environment & Safety

Ambient Gas Monitors : Both Online as well as handheld / portable

We provide best solution in the field of Gas sensing technology by way of - products, design and consultancy. Our product kitty contains not only gas sensor/detectors for toxic gases like CO2, CO, Hydrogen sulphide, ethylene, NOx, ammonia, phosphine, SF6 etc and for combustible gases like methane, naptha, LPG, petrol vapours etc but also magnetic sensors for traffic control, car parks and much more.

Our products comply to international norms CE, VDI 2053, EMV, EMC Directive etc and the Explosive Range is ATEX compliant and/or certified. Our products find usage in almost all industries whether it be construction, mining, power, food production and processing, warehouse, transportation, nuclear, oil & gas, refinery, defence, aviation waste management and others wherever safety of Men and Environment is a priority.

Online Stack Monitoring :

We supply state-of-the-art, innovative systems for gas analysis and process control. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective systems, regardless of applications. Systems are available for ambient air quality monitoring (AQM) and continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)/process control.

Particulate Emission Monitor :

We supply continuous particulate / SPM monitors . We offer AC Coupled Triboelectric technology. As particles travel through the process they develop a charge. This charge is transferred as the particle passes or impacts the sensing element. The resulting current is amplified, filtered, rectified and further filtered looking only at the AC component. This gives a linear representation of the concentration or mass flow rate of the particles in the gas stream, depending on the chosen scale of calibration.

The reason for measuring the AC component is that, compared to the DC component, the electronics are more sensitive. The AC signal is substantially less affected by influences such as amplifier noise and process parameters, which includes the build-up of process dust on the sensing rod.

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