Condition Monitoring Equpiments

Thermal Imaging
RPM / Material Hardness

Vibration Meter

IRD306DP – General Machinery Vibration Meter

IRD models IRD306 / DI / DP, portable analog or digital vibration meters are proven for industrial applications with easy to read accurate displays. They measure machinery vibration in displacement (microns) and velocity (mm/sec). Standard or re-chargeable battery units are available. Globally used for over 45 years but continuously updated, the meters are ideal for technicians and machinery analysts.

IRD449 Vibration Diagnostic SmartMeter

The IRD449 SmartMeter that bridges the gap between the overall level vibration meter and the advanced FFT data collector / analyser. It is a complete machine condition diagnostic tool that produces results without the need for a computer. It caters to ISO 10816-3 with expert rules covering machine vibration levels that identify prime faults: Unbalance, Looseness, Alignment & bearings. See a selection of the many informative screens available:

Vibration Analysers / Balancers

IRD’s - vb7 - Advanced Two Channel Vibration Analyser

The IRD vbX series of FFT vibration analysers & data collectors range from single to four channels. The vb7 has two channels with ergonomic design, 1GB flash memory & high definition display. It is ideal for field diagnostics and proactive maintenance programmes. The unit includes a powerful bearing analysis tool, dynamic balancing, cross channel phase, long time waveform etc. Associated with Ascent2 Software, vb7 is a powerful combination for site and lab use.

Online Vibration Transmitters & Sensors

IRD8800 API670 Machinery Protection Monitor

IRD8800 API670 Machinery Protection Monitor is a high integrity system for turbine supervisory and balance of plant vibration monitoring. Microprocessor based and programmable, each dual channel module has analog and digital displays with individual power supplies. It interfaces directly with our range of online diagnostic systems and comes fully type tested with CE Mark.


The IRD7000 series of Vibration, TSI and Environmental Noise Transmitter meets most plant needs Protection Transmitters have warning and trip relays whereas Signal Transmitters provide only a 4-20mA output. The Loop Powered Transmitter can accept most accelerometer types and is powered from the DCS. This is preferable to the loop powered accelerometer that has several limitations in the long term. Single & Dual Channels are supplied in IP65 enclosures; DIN rail and 19” rack are options. Communications such as RS485 / MODBUS are available for selected units. A common feature is that the raw vibration or sound level signals can be accessed directly from BNC sockets.

Bearing Tester

  • For checking bearing distress level
  • Even works down to 06 RPM
  • Used for checking Bearing Lubrication, Gear teeth pitting, etc..
  • Bearing problems pertaining to race / ball / roller defects can be detected..