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Belt Conveyor Splicing procedure

Wherever practicable, a hot vulcanized splice is preferred for making conveyor belting endless as against cold vulcanizing and metal fastener. Some of the advantages a hot vulcanized splice has over the other two types are

Emissivity Charts

Emissivity of a material will vary as a function of temperature & surface finish , the values of these tables should be used only as a guide for relative or delta measurement. The exact emissivity of the material should be determined when absolute measurement is required.
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Storage of Belts

Unless damaged in transit, belt should be kept in an upright position until it is being commissioned. The belts are to be stored in a cool, dry covered and well ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Other factors like exposure to sunlight, ozone in sea area, contact with all types of solvents and corrosive liquids should be avoided.
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Energy Saving (Power) Through Metering of Compressed Air Consumption

November 2009 Ambuja Cement Limited, while working on measures to curb energy losses in their plant in all forms, brainstormed about the energy costs of compressed air in their running plant & decided that it is one of the important areas where detailed study is required to minimize energy losses (Power consumption). Their study revealed that if the compressed air consumption is metered in a certain path, it would help them in a great manner. The idea to meter the consumption was following:
1. If demand is known, there are certain areas in the plant which are not visited frequently (specifically those areas which are at high altitude, high temperature, etc.) & any leakage etc. would not come to the surface / notice unless someone visit them after a week or 10 days. This could be easily traced if consumption is being metered.
2. Some modification / expansion work is carried out in the plant & the same has added to the additional demand which is not known till metered.
3. Also to check compressor efficiency as sometimes additional compressors need to be fired although the process demand remains the same. If consumption is metered, it is very easy to ascertain that the problem is with the compressor & need repair / maintenance.
4. Some changes in the process resulting in unknowingly increased air consumption.
This can be easily traced if the path is metered. They approached us with the concern & we offered them TESTO COMPRESSED AIR COUNTER. The instrument has been supplied in the month of March 2010 & installed in one of the paths since then. It is helping them currently for the data generation & on line monitoring. The user feel that it is a good tool which will help them to monitor the consumption pattern of the path on which it is installed & very shortly shall start giving clear guidelines for the purpose for which it has been installed. This will help them in a big way to conserve energy & reduce power loss in their plant.



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