We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the authorized channel partner of one of the leading manufacturers of Power and Distribution transformers in India, “PROLEC GE”. They have Modern large facilities in Monterrey (Mexico) and Chennai (India). The manufacturing plant in India is located at Thirumazhisai in Chennai, has a capacity of 3250 MVA per annum. Additionally they have augmented our capacity by 4000 MVA by commissioning a state of the art manufacturing facility at Kancheepuram near Chennai for large power transformers. There is excellent infrastructure facilities to manufacture / test Power transformers up to 315MVA / 400KV class.

The products that are offered :

Power Transformers

Rating from 5 MVA /33 KV to 315 MVA/400 KV

Distribution Transformers

Rating from 100 KVA/11 KV to 3150 KVA/33 KV

Open Ventilated Dry Type Transformer(O.V.D.T)

These transformers are environmental friendly, maintenance free, very safe, with low operating cost & with overloading capability. We have the facility to manufacture OVDT Transformers between 100KVA / 11KV & 2500KVA / 22KV Class.

Special transformers

Transformers with On Load Tap Changer to cater for wide variation upto 40% range for industries, even for small size.
Transformers for use in Unitized Substation for industrial and commercial applications Auto Booster for 11KV and 33KV application. Converter duty transformer for Variable Frequency Drives.

Why GE ?

  • One of the largest transformer manufactures in world
  • All transformers meet or exceed the Efficiency specified by the customers – The No Load Losses and Load Losses are guaranteed over the life of the transformer
  • The loss measurement tests are conducted with Total Transparency ; any third party agency can do the tests on our transformers inside / outside our factory. Our customers can bring their own instruments to do the loss measurements. Some manufacturers fear to accord this level of transparency
  • Core cutting is done under our supervision / parent company authorized outlets in India – ZERO chance for adulteration!
  • Open Ventilated Dry Type Transformers are manufactured in technical tie-up with E. I. Dupont.
  • Supervision of Erection, Testing & Commissioning for transformers above 25 MVA is in the company’s scope, which is a mandatory service to ensure good installation practices.
  • We are one of the few manufacturers in the country to have impulse-testing machines at both our manufacturing units in India.
  • More than 35 years of experience
  • Total capacity for all plants included stands at 7250 MVA. We have excellent infrastructure facilities to manufacture / test Power transformers up to 315MVA / 400KV class.
  • The factory in India follows “Green Manufacturing” ; non CO2 welding machines, recycling, H2O treatment.
  • We provide 24/7 Customer Service ( 044-3028 9843) – an unique offering.