Infrared Thermography

The Knowledge of hear patterns and associated temperatures will provide meaningful data about a process, systems, or structures. Infrated Thermography is useful for condition monitoring to find problems in mechanical, electrical and process equipments. It is also used for quality assurance inspections.

Thermography definitely should be one of the tools that are selected for motor and rotation equipment inspection. Thermographic examination can help technicians use the other tools, such as vibration analysis, more effectivily. If a thermal anomaly is Found, then the other tools can be employed to help isolate the cause of the problem.

These high-resolution infrared imaging systems allow thermography to be appiled to more applications than ever before, such as with mechanical systems, intricate process equipment, and printed circuit boards. Infrared thermography can detect unseen problems such as loose or deteriorated electrica; connections. Timely repair of these incipient failures can provide tremendous cost savings by avoiding unscheduled downtime.


Electrical Maintance
Poor Wiring Bad Fuse Electrical Motor Maintenance

Lose Connection

Process Thermography

Pipe Insulation Checks Steam Leakages Rotating Kiln Thermography

Building Thermography

Moisture Detection in Building Insulation Check

Clinical Thermography

Breast Cancer Detection