Dust Collector

Reliable dust removal was a task for specialists even at the beginning of the last century. Bag filters of Batliboi contribute to an improved environment for almost 40 years now. Also today the industrial dust removal has a great significance. Modern technologies for efficient dust removal are a trend subject due to environmental impacts, climate change, rising energy consumption and conservation of natural ressources of renewable raw materials.

As technology leader in industrial de-dusting we offer complete and tailor-made solutions in the area of dust removal technology and product recovery.

Turnkey Systems For Air Pollution Control

  • Dust extraction System for Cement Plants
  • Dust / Fume Extraction Plants for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Industry
  • Dust / Fume Cleaning System for Chemical , Paper, Pulp , Electronic Pharmaceutical etc.

Equipment For Air Pollution Control

  • Wet Systems like Cyclonic scrubbers, Spray Towers, Impingement plate scrubbers, Packed bed scrubbers and Venturi scrubbers
  • Electrostatic precipitators in association with M/s. ESC GmbH, Germany.
  • Dry Systems like Cyclones, Multi cyclones, Reverse Air Bag houses, Pulse Jet Bag Filters, Cartridge Filters



  • We offer Spares like Filter bags, Bag Cages, Venturies, Sequential Timer, Solenoid Valves, manometer, etc
  • We offer bags in Polyester, Poly Propylene, Homo Polymer Acrylic, NOMEX, RAYTON fabrics
  • We also supply Glass Bags for High temperature.
  • The bags are also supplied with necessary surface finish to suit the application
  • Timer up to 40 channel or even more can also be supplied

Bag Cages Filter Bags Sequential Controller