Conveyor Belts

Continuous handling of loose bulk materials makes great demands on convetor belts. We offer a wide range of conveyor belts which are specially designed to meet almost every type of requirements that may arise, in moving loose bulk material.

We supply Conveyor Belts with synthetic fabric reinforcement coupled with the most appropriate cover grade for various application areas. We offer belts in width ranging upto 2000mm.

Higher adhesion levels
Our unique formulations ensure high levels of chemical bonding coupled with mechanical locking properties between cover to ply and ply to ply. As a result it contributes to edge wear resistance, higher edge and carcass consolidation and eliminates cover peeling.

Higher ply strength and lower weight
The higher ply strength of synthetic fabric enables our Conveyor Belts to meet higher tension requirement using less number of plies. Also due to the special fabric weave specification, our Conveyor Belts are lighter in weight, thereby giving a number of benefits like:

  • Low drive power requirement
  • Higher idler life
  • Longer belt lengths, which reduces the number of joints in long haul conveyor installations.

Higher longitudinal flexing
Our Conveyor Belting is designed to provide longtitudinal flexibility and reduced flex fatigue strain on the belt. This enablesit to operate on relatively small diameter terminal pulleys and with sufficient transverse rigidity to provide load support and resistance from pinching between the flat and inclined idlers of the conveyor system.

Improved throughing resulting capacity utilization
Due to excellent transwerse flexibility of conveyor Belts, deep throughing of carcass is possible which increases volumetric transfer capacity.

Outstanding impact resistance
The increased inter ply rubber thickness maximizes the impact absorption and reduces carcass damage. The outstanding impact resistance makes the ise of breakers virtually redundant.

Quality & care
We take pride in supplying produces that have quality & care built into them. Our endless pursuit for excellence has resulted in conveyor belts with superior attributes like:
Mirror smooth surface finish
Consistent thickness and width control
Negligible repairs
Excellent cut and tear resistant cover properties

Every effort in product improvement is made to deliver superior performance and extended product life.